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dontwannafcku's Journal

My Spanish Soap Opera
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My old journal is visulizecuccion add me if you want i don't care i'll add you back

Britney Spears 6/27/2000
Backstreet Boys 2/4/2001
Pearl Jam 4/30/2003
Civics Tour 5/3/2003
Warped Tour 8/10/2003
Good Charlotte 10/15/2003
OffSpring 6/1/2004
Incubus 6/25/2004
Warped Tour 8/7/2004
Yellowcard 11/5/2004
Ryan Cabrera 2/22/2005
Warped Tour 8/13/2005
Mest 2/7/2006
Bamboozal 5/7/2006
AFI 6/23/2006
Warped Tour 8/6/2006
Three Days Grace 9/4/2006
Good Charlotte 10/17/2006
AFI 10/30/2006
Bamboozal - 5/5/2007
Silverchair 7/26/2007
Warped Tour 8/5/2007
Britney Spears 8/25/2009
Relient K 10/2/2009
Blink 182 10/3/2009

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